My Mission

My Mission in teaching is to help the the student learn to nourish themselves with their singing. It is important that the students learn to detect tension, and to relax that tension by opening "emotional" knots, and to power their singing with the release of the pent-up emotion.

For a long time, as a performer, I worked to separate my emotion from my singing. I was a very good stage actress, but I wasn't as convincing in conveying character as a singer. It gradually began to dawn on me, that just as we use our breath as a firm foundation for our voices, our emotions should be used the very same way. As human beings, we tend to compartmentalize our deepest emotions because we simply don't have the time to deal with them. Many of my students come to me all bottled up physically and emotionally, and in a quandary as to why they can't breathe.

We sing because we are emotional creatures, not because we are solving math equations. I teach my students to find the places in their bodies where they are "tight", and we open those places together and use the power of the emotion to help release the breath and the tension in their bodies. Naturally I discuss muscles and the proper placement of the voice, but I work in a more instinctive and "holistic" manner. Most find my methods unconventional, but I have had great success teaching this way. Breath and emotions are the most important tools the singer has.

"When I am anxious, worried, or afraid, I tend to stop breathing. When I am angry, hurt, or feeling helpless, I tend to stop breathing. Breathe now! I feel the breath flow through me, dancing freely. Breathing deeply and fully, I rediscover my aliveness. With each breath I ... rejoice in the devine circulation of life - my breath moving through me, renewing and regenerating the spark of life! As I breathe today, I remember that there is one breath throughout all creation, one perfect breath, one deep harmony and rhythm of life, and I abide in its center." Eisha Mason, RScP


1) 24-HOUR NOTICE for cancellations; however, there are exceptions:

  1. If you suddenly need to be at work past your lesson time, or you need to travel because of business.
  2. If you become ill the day of your lesson time.

    "Traffic" is NOT an excuse, unless there is an accident.

2) Payment is to be BY THE FIRST of each month, unless you are paying me per lesson.  (Most students pay me on their last lesson of the month.)  Please inform if you need your check held until a certain date.

  1. If your month is a 5-lesson month, please only pay for 4. The extra lesson will be "banked" and used later when there is an absense or cancellation.
  2. If you know you will missing a lesson ahead of payment, decide whether or not you can switch with someone. If you cannot switch (say if you'll be away for a whole week, or you are in production week for a show), please deduct the amount from fee BEFORE you pay it.
  3. If you forget your check, you may either drop it off at the church office, or send it to ME Enmann, 2379 Moorpark Avenue, SJ, 95128

3) A schedule is e-mailed EVERY WEEK.  Please check the schedule to make sure that you are on it, and at the right time. Sometimes errors are made in the scheduling .  Absenses will no longer be forgiven if  you didn't check the schedule.


4) If you are ill enough to stay home from work or school, cancel.  If you feel well enough to go to school or work, come to your lesson.  Even if you can't sing, there will be work on theory or sight-singing.  If you feel it's a "tight" decision, call to discuss it.

  1. If you are the cause of an absense through illness, etc, you must make the lesson up.  There is NO reimbursement.
  2. If I am the cause of a missed lesson, and we cannot make the lesson up, deduct that missed lesson from the next month's fee.

5) If you audition for a play or musical and the rehearsal times conflict with your lesson time, you must list your lesson as a CONFLICT, or find someone to switch with you.


6) If you know that you need to reschedule a lesson, please look at the schedule I send out, and see if you can make a switch with someone. If you can't find anyone to switch with, let me know immediately, and I'll see what I can do for you.




Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
12770 Saratoga Avenue
Saratoga, CA 95070-4147


Mary Elizabeth has been my voice teacher for several years now. She has an amazing ability to "feel" what is going on inside of me not only physically, but emotionally, and help me to let go and sing. It is so important to have a set of trusted ears to guide me. And since I am also a voice teacher, I find our conversations about vocal pedagogy and student issues to be invaluable. I have heard many of Mel's students perform and they progress exceedingly well under her guidance and instruction. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a voice teacher and acting coach. (She has also been my stage director, so I can recommend her in that capacity as well.)

~Kathleen Kasdorf, Soprano and Voice Teacher

Lessons with Mary Elizabeth Enmann are a joy. As a singer and student, I benefit greatly from her empathetic response to my singing. As a voice teacher and former college Vocal Pedagogy instructor, I recognize that her instincts are well supported in the Voice Science literature.

~Grace Johnson, DMA

I was one of those kids in sixth grade who was asked to leave the Christmas choir. I just thought I couldn't sing. That thought stayed with me for many, many years. And although I love music and would sing in the shower, I agreed, I couldn't sing. Not, "I don't know how," but, "No. I couldn't."

I knew and admired Mary Elizabeth's performance ability and decided to sign up for a silent auction item of 4 singing lessons with her which I made sure to win. But then it took me another month to actually call her and make an appointment.

I didn't think I could learn to sing, but I harbored some glimmer of hope that at least Mary Elizabeth would be kind and I loved listening to her sing. I think initially, she thought I was hopeless., too. But she did realize I could hear different notes. And so we began. I have learned to carry a tune. I enjoy singing in church and could actually join the church choir which I may do when I retire. But, what lessons with Mary Elizabeth offered me were skills...how to breathe, how to get a sense in my body where the music was coming from. That indeed singing could be learned. And she sang with me and demonstrated for me. And found ways to communicate with me that made sense to me.

She is an extraordinarily skillful teacher, and I think it is wonderful that she would take me on as a student when she has students with so much ability and for whom she is able to offer so much. My hats off to Mary Elizabeth.

~Ellie Johnson, Student

Throughout the years of my singing career, I have had a number of singing teachers and vocal coaches. But there has never been anyone that comes near what Mary Elizabeth Enmann can teach. She has the capability of intuiting what you are doing wrong and is able to show and explain the process to you. That in itself is a very special gift!

Not only have I studied with Mary Elizabeth, but my two grandsons have been able to work with her on their rock and pop music styles. She is amazing in being able to teach every type of voice style. If you want an extraordinary singing teacher and coach, Mary Elizabeth Enmann is the teacher for you!

~Annette Martin, Student